(Direct Speech – Indirect Speech) 80 Contoh Soal Reported Speech Lengkap Jawaban

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grammar.co.id  – Artikel hari ini saya akan memberikan kalian test sebagai tolok ukur sejauh mana pengetahuan kalian tentang Bahasa Inggris khususnya Reported Speech. Contoh Soal Reported Speech (Direct Speech – Indirect Speech) Lengkap Jawaban.

Simak penjelasan lengkap tentang Reported Speech di sini, guys!

Indirect Speech atau Reported Speech merupakan cara mengutarakan pernyataan, perintah, undangan, permintaan atau pertanyaan orang lain (Direct Speech) dengan mengganti format perkataan tersebut agar menjadi lebih efisien bagi orang yang mendengarnya.

80 Contoh Soal Reported Speech (Direct Speech – Indirect Speech) Lengkap Jawaban

80 Contoh Soal Reported Speech Lengkap Jawaban
80 Contoh Soal Reported Speech Lengkap Jawaban

Reported Speech Statements

Convert the sentences below from direct to indirect speech (reported speech statements)

  1. Sarah said, “I will invite you to my birthday party.”
    She said that she would invite me to her birthday party
  2. Anderson said, “I will turn twenty today.”
    He said that he would turn twenty that day.
  3. Jack said, “Things will get better.”
    He said that things would get better.
  4. The doctor said, “Your aunt doesn’t need an operation.”
    The doctor said that my aunt doesn’t need an operation.
  5. Sally told me, “I will help you finish your homework.”
    She told me that she would help me finish my homework.
  6. Dean said, “I will pass the exam.”
    He said that he would pass the exam.
  7. Sam told me, “I have seen this movie.”
    He told me that he had seen that movie.
  8. Martha said, “I can speak Spanish fluently.”
    She said that she could speak Spanish fluently.
  9. Jacob told Lea, “I will not go swimming with you.”
    He told her that he wouldn’t go swimming with her.
  10. Tommy said, “I have finished my lunch.”
    He said that he had finished his lunch.

Reported Speech Yes/No Questions

  1. “Do you live with your family?”
    He asked me if I lived with my family.
  2. “Can I borrow your lawn mower?”
    He asked me if he could borrow my lawnmower.
  3. “Do you speak Spanish?”
    He asked me if I spoke Spanish.
  4. “Will you come to my house warming party tomorrow?”
    He asked me if I would go to his house warming party the next day.
  5. “Have you seen my car?”
    He asked me if I had seen his car.
  6. “Is that your cat?”
    He asked me if that was my cat.
  7. “Can you help me fix my fences?”
    He asked me if I could help him fix his fences.
  8. “Are you listening to me?”
    He asked me if I was listening to him.
  9. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”
    He asked me if he could talk to me for a minute.
  10. “Are you a foreigner?”
    He asked me if I was a foreigner.

Reported Speech WH-Questions

  1. “How are you?”
    My new neighbour asked me how I was
  2. “Where do you park your car?”
    My new neighbour asked me where I parked my car.
  3. “Where are you from?”
    My new neighbour asked me where I was from.
  4. “How old are you?”
    My new neighbor asked me how old I was.
  5. “How often do you take out the trash?”
    My new neighbour asked me how often I took out the trash.
  6. “Where is the nearest bank”
    My new neighbour asked me where the nearest bank was.
  7. “How long have you been living here?”
    My new neighbour asked me how long I had been living here
  8. “When is your birthday?”
    My new neighbour asked me when my birthday was
  9. “How many children do you have?”
    My new neighbour asked me how many children I had
  10. “Where do you work?”
    My new neighbour asked me where I worked

Reported Speech Imperatives

  1. Mother to daughter: “Put on your shoes.”
    Her mother told her to put on her shoes.
  2. The teacher to me: “Open your notebook.”
    The teacher told me to open my notebook.
  3. Merry to her uncle: “Don’t be mad at me.”
    Merry told her uncle not to be mad at her.
  4. Coach to Jack: “Get on your feet!”
    The coach told Jack to get on his feet.
  5. The cashier to Angela: “Give me your receipt.”
    The cashier told Angela to give him her receipt.
  6. Adan to his mother: “Help me with my homework.”
    Adan told his mother to help him with his homework.
  7. The officer to us: “Do not park here.”
    The officer told us not to park there.
  8. The ambulance driver to pedestrians: “Move out of the way!”
    The ambulance driver told pedestrians to move out of the way.
  9. Daniel to his mother: “Wait for me.”
    Daniel told his mother to wait for him.
  10. Pam to her husband: “Stop acting like a child.”
    Pam told her husband to stop acting like a child.

Reported Speech Exercise

  1. “Don’t play with matches,” his mother said.
    His mother told him not to play with matches.
  2. “I’ve forgotten to bring my lunch with me,” he said.
    He said that he’d forgotten to bring his lunch with him.
  3. “Will you be home soon?” she asked her husband.
    She asked her husband if he would be home soon.
  4. “Go to bed!” father said to the children.
    Father told the children to go to bed.
  5. “I’ll clean the car tomorrow,” Tim said to his father.
    Tim told his father that he would dean the car the following day.
  6. “Where have you been?” Gary asked his wife.
     Gary asked his wife where she had been.
  7. “I’ve been working for the same company since 1960,” he said to me.
    He told me that he had been working for the same company since 1960.
  8. “Do you know Garfield?” she asked me.
    She asked me if I knew Garfield.
  9. “How shall I tell Tom the bad news?” she said.
    She asked how she should tell Tom the bad news.
  10. “You must try my home-made wine,” he said.
    He said that I had to try his home-made wine.
  11. “Can I go home now?” he asked her.
    He asked her if he could go home then.
  12. “May I call you by your first name?” he asked.
    He asked if he might call me by my first name.
  13. “She must try harder if she wants to succeed,” he said.
    He said that she had to try harder if she wanted to succeed.
  14. “My father will be angry with me if he finds out,” she said.
    She said that her father would be angry with her if he found out.
  15. “You had better speak to the manager,” she said to him.
    She told him that he had better speak to the manager.
  16. “What time does the next bus leave?” he said. “I need to get to the station.”
    He asked what time the next bus left because he needed to get to the station.
  17. “Don’t go swimming in the lake,” she said. “The water is filthy.”
    She warned them not to go swimming in the lake because the water was filthy.
  18. “Let’s go shopping tomorrow,” she said. “The sales have started.”
    She suggested going shopping the following day because the sales had started.
  19. “Stand up,” the teacher said to the pupils. “The headmaster is coming.”
    The teacher ordered the pupils to stand up because the headmaster was coming.
  20. “Please don’t take my ring,” she said to him. “It was a present.”
    She begged him not to take her ring because it had been a present.
  21. “It’s very late, Martin,” his mother said. “Where have you been?”
    His mother reminded him that it was very late and asked him where he had been.
  22. “Shall I cook the dinner?” he said to her. “You look very tired.”
    He offered to cook the dinner, adding that she looked very tired.
  23. “Please stop making that noise!” she said to him. “I can’t concentrate.”
    She asked him to stop making that noise, explaining that she couldn’t concentrate.
  24. “Yes, I dropped your vase,” she said. “I was cleaning the shelf.”
    She admitted dropping my vase as she was cleaning the shelf.
  25. “Can I use the car, please?” she said. “I need to run some errands.”
    She asked if she could use the car because she needed to run some errands.
  26. “I’m sorry I’m late,” he said. “The car wouldn’t start.”
    He apologized for being late, explaining that the car wouldn’t start.
  27. “Why are you teasing your sister?” she asked him. “You know it makes her unhappy.”
    She asked/wondered why he was teasing his sister, reminding him that it made her unhappy.
  28. “Why won’t you come to the party?” he said to her. “Everyone would love to see you.”
    He asked why she wouldn’t go to the party and added that everyone would love to see her.
  29. “It was Rob who broke the window,” he said to her. “He was kicking the football.”
    He accused Rob of breaking the window as he was kicking the football. 
  30. “I may not be able to meet you at the airport,” he said to her.
    He told her that he might not be able to meet her at the airport.
  31. The teacher to me: “Have you ever studied abroad?”
    The teacher asked me if I had ever studied abroad.
  32. His mother to him: “Study harder because this is your last chance.”
    His mother told him to study harder because that was his last chance.
  33. Jessie to her teacher: “May I ask something?”
    Jessie asked her teacher if she might ask something.
  34. Adam to her wife: “Next winter I am going to travel to Paris.”
    Adam told her wife that he was going to travel to Paris the following winter.
  35.  Anna: “I have been reading the same book since yesterday.”
    She said that she had been reading the same book since the previous day.
  36. Dave: “I am going to watch Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with my family tomorrow.”
    He said that he was going to watch Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with his family the following day.
  37. Isabelle: “I can’t go outside tonight as I am ill.”
    She said that she couldn’t go outside because she was ill.
  38.  Andrew to his sister: “I can’t finish my homework. Please help me.”
    Andrew told his sister that he couldn’t finish his homework and wanted her to help him.
  39. The Suspect: “I wasn’t stalking Becka.”
    The suspect said he hadn’t been stalking Becka.
  40. My classmate to me: “How about drinking a cup of coffee with me?”
    My classmate offered me to drink a cup of coffee with him.