100 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense + Jawaban

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LabBahasaInggris.co.id –  Artikel hari ini saya akan memberikan beberapa informasi tentang 100 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense dan Jawabannya yang terdiri dari bentuk soal Pilihan Ganda dan Essay.

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100 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense dan Jawabannya

100 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense + Jawaban
100 Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense + Jawaban

Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Simple Present Tense

Choose the correct answers!

1. I and my friends … in library. We read some books

        a. am
        b. is
        c. have
        d. are

2. She … not work because she has flu.

        a. is
        b. does
        c. do
        d. be

3. Alina … song every night.

        a. sings
        b. sing
        c. is
        d. does

4. My father … tea every morning.

        a. drink
        b. drinks
        c. drinking
        d. is

5. They … a test every week.

        a. does
        b. has
        c. are
        d. have

6. Dolph: Please call me if you need.
Jack: No. I … need your help.

        a. do not
        b. does
        c. not
        d. am not

7. She is a student. She … at school.

        a. studying
        b. study
        c. studies
        d. does

8. We … soccer match.

        a. do
        b. watching
        c. watches
        d. watch

9. Gina cooks fried rice. It … amazing.

        a. does
        b. do
        c. are
        d. is

10. My brother rides a bike to school …

        a. every day
        b. last day
        c. next week
        d. next time

Change the verb into the correct form!

1. Christopher drives (drive) a bus.

2. We have (have) some money.

3. Do you watch (you watch) movies?

4. They don’t work (not work) for us.

5. I love (love) to dance.

6. She has (have) many friends.

7. Alexis and her husband always come (come) for the summer.

8. Does he draw (he draw) well?

9. James doesn’t remember (not remember) me.

10. Laura is (be) a beautiful girl.

11. I don’t eat (not eat) cheese.

12. Cats like (like) to sleep.

13. You are (be) a smart boy.

14. She washes (wash) the dishes every evening.

15. Are you (you be) ready?

Fill the blanks!

1. I____________at a bank. (work)

2. She____________with her parents. (live)

3. Cows____________on grass. (feed)

4. He____________a handsome salary. (earn)

5. Jane____________to be a singer. (wants)

6. Emily____________delicious cookies. (make)

7. Ana and her husband____________in Singapore. (live)

8. Ronny and Samantha____________to play card games. (like)

9. Sophia____________English very well. (speak)

10. Martin____________for a walk in the morning. (goes)

11. My grandfather____________his pet dog. (adore)

12. Plants____________water and sunlight to make their food. (need)

Put the verbs into the correct form.

  1. I (to like) lemonade very much.
  2. The girls always (to listen) to pop music.
  3. Janet never (to wear) jeans.
  4. Mr Smith (to teach) Spanish and French.
  5. You (to do) your homework after school.

Temukan Contoh Soal Grammar dan Tenses lainnya di sini:

Fill in the correct form of the verbs.

Simple present with ‘have’ and ‘be’

  1. We (to have) a nice garden.
  2. She (to be) six years old.
  3. Simon (to have) two rabbits and five goldfish.
  4. I (to be) from Vienna, Austria.
  5. They (to be) Sandy’s parents.

Make negative sentences.

  1. My father makes breakfast______________
  2. They are eleven______________
  3. She writes a letter______________
  4. I speak Italian______________
  5. Danny phones his father on Sundays______________

Make questions.

  1. you / to speak / English______________
  2. when / he / to go / home______________
  3. they / to clean / the bathroom______________
  4. where / she / to ride / her bike______________
  5. Billy / to work / in the supermarket______________

Change the verb into the correct form!

1. I usually (go) to school.

2. They (visit) us often.

3. You (play) basketball once a week.

4. Tom (work) every day.

5. He always (tell) us funny stories.

6. She never (help) me with that!

7. Martha and Kevin (swim) twice a week.

8. In this club people usually (dance) a lot.

9. Linda (take care) of her sister.

10. John rarely (leave) the country.

11. We (live) in the city most of the year.

12. Lorie (travel) to Paris every Sunday.

13. I (bake) cookies twice a month.

14. You always (teach) me new things.

15. She (help) the kids of the neighbourhood.

Change the verb into the correct form!

1. London (be) in England.

2. The summer (be) hot.

3. She (drive) very well.

4. They (open) the store at 8:00.

5. Linda (be) a very pretty girl.

6. I (have) several jobs.

7. Water (boil) at 100 degrees.

8. Water (freeze) at 0 degrees.

9. My sister (speak) English.

10. He (have) a big apartment.

11. A triangle (have) three corners.

12. My birthday (be) in June.

13. Books (have) pages.

14. Dogs (be) good friends.

15. I (work) hard.

Change the verb into the correct form!

1. I (love) you.

2. This (weigh) 20 kilograms.

3. Ron (seem) serious.

4. We (like) tomatoes.

5. The boy (want) to play.

6. You (need) to sleep.

7. They (agree) with me.

8. She (hear) something strange.

9. The box (contain) food.

10. Emma (appear) sad.

11. David (know) how to fix a car.

12. Daniel and Liz (seem) happy.

13. This (smell) bad.

14. I (believe) you.

15. We (be) number one!

Change the verb into the correct form!

1. I (go) to the city once a week.

2. You (play) the guitar very well.

3. She never (visit) me.

4. Tom always (find) new ways to do things.

6. Ann (want) to speak.

7. Toronto (be) in Canada.

8. Cars (have) wheels.

9. My mother (have) a big house.

10. We (play) a lot.

11. They (sell) fruit and eggs.

12. The building (be) on fire.

13. Marta (seem) sad.

14. I usually (help) my neighbours.

15. His brother rarely (leave) town.

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